Although major airlines such as Delta make many millions of dollars each year off of MSP airport, many of them contract out the workers who make MSP function to other companies so they can shirk responsibility for their abysmally low pay. Many airport workers need to work two or even three jobs just to get by. We know we can win a $15 minimum wage at MSP, because it has already been won at other airports such as SeaTac and Lambert-St. Louis. And workers at MSP definitely need the raise.

We kicked off our campaign at the airport over the summer, collecting thousands of signatures in support of a $15/hour minimum wage at MSP airport. We have since been putting pressure on the Metropolitan Airport Commission (the MAC) to implement a $15 minimum wage for every employee at the airport. We have filled MAC meetings and given testimony, as well as submitted thousands of worker and community supporter signatures.

On December 5, we held a massive protest, with hundreds of airport workers and their community
supporters, including Rep. Keith Ellison, which shut down vehicular traffic in Terminal 1. Now, there are two low-wage airport workers on the Metropolitan Airport Commission for the first time.

We are continuing to apply pressure from within the airport as well as on Delta and Governor Dayton, who appoints the vast majority of the commissioners.

It is clear these corporations will not back down without a fight. Delta fired long-time baggage handler Kip Hedges just for telling the media that many Delta workers make less than $15/hour. We’ll need massive support to force notorious union-busters like Delta and Airserv to pay living wages.

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