Black Friday Worker's March

Black Friday Worker's March

The day after Thanksgiving has become a retail "holy day" where big stores will do anything to increase their sales, often on the backs of their lowest-paid workers. Large retailers like Macy's and Best Buy are once again forcing their employees to come to work on Thanksgiving evening and miss spending time with their families.

While retailers pull in record profits, Minneapolis workers battle through the holidays with unpredictable schedules, poverty wages, no paid sick time, and even wage theft. Workers who face this reality have joined the MPLSWorks campaign to fight for $15 an hour, fair scheduling, paid sick days, and an end to wage theft. They have talked with their city council members, occupied City Hall, and gone on strike. Now it's time to ask retailers on the day where they enjoy the most profits, will they support these policies too?

The Minnesota Retailers Association led by Pawn America and Best Buy has come out against the City of Minneapolis taking action on scheduling and sick day ordinances. Individual stores still have the opportunity to support their workers and all workers in Minneapolis. We expect them to treat their workers right, especially during the holidays!

Join workers on Black Friday to take their message to retailers in Downtown Minneapolis, and have a little fun on the most important sales day of the year.

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  • Jack
    commented 2016-01-29 21:11:53 -0800
    “Large retailers like Macy’s and Best Buy are once again forcing their employees to come to work on Thanksgiving evening and miss spending time with their families.”

    Excuse you? I worked for Best Buy and I CHOSE to come in. I chose to apply for that job and I worked hard to build my resume and get there. Erasing worker autonomy and pushing them into victimhood is cruel and dishonest. I am not your victim. If you and 15Now really wanted to empower workers you would end the minimum wage and put full wage autonomy in their hands.

    Just because a job is hard does not mean it’s the workplace’s fault. Not only do employers create jobs for themselves, they create jobs for other people. Small businesses will be hurt the most, and small businesses are far better to work for than corporations. The cruelty of this movement and the ignorant assumptions made about low wage workers and employers is hurting all of us. It’s one thing to be ignorant in your own life. Don’t profess to know more about our lives as low wage workers more than we do about ourselves.

    Empowerment comes from within, from deep healing from trauma. ALL jobs are bad jobs until you work on yourself. I went through 3 years of transformation and the current minimum wage made it very hard for me to get my first job. Once a person keeps their first job for at least 6 months, they go up at least a quarter to a dollar in wages. In 3 years I’ve gone up $4.19 in wages. I live a very luxurious and free life, and this has nothing to do with minimum wage. This is all about healing and personal improvement.

    Many people I know make around the same amount as me, between $12-$14/hour. A lot of us work only part time. If the minimum wage went up as high as $15, I would not only be worried for low wage workers and small businesses. I would also be worried for myself and other professional working friends. How can we find jobs at a wage much higher than our worth?